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Our guiding principle is The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence. Our philosophy of empowering people to be the best they can be is our foundation of success. Life-long learning, personal wellness for all employees, and giving back through community service are hallmarks of our culture.

Build a career with lasting impact

We build ideas that manifest as physical spaces. We also build effective leaders, deep relationships, and thriving communities. W.M. Jordan Company is a great place to work!

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W. M. Jordan Company is an Equal Opportunity Employer


A career in construction is challenging, lucrative, and fun! Our intern program equips young professionals with practical, job-ready skills in construction, engineering, business management, communication, and leadership. This highly structured program exposes students to a variety of roles and experiences. Those who excel their first year often return to take on increasing levels of responsibility. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of how to succeed in the construction industry. We gain some of our most valuable team members.


“The sheer enthusiasm and creativity of our young construction professionals offers a glimpse into the future of construction.  From what I’ve seen from these young men and women, I have no doubt….that future is indeed, very bright.”
– Kenneth W. Taylor, Executive Vice President

Life-Long Learning

When you love learning, life is an adventure. Our in-house Learning & Development team provides programs to help you develop both personally and professionally. Offerings range from technical programs on Virtual Construction to classes on personal finance and gardening.

Topics include:

  • Leadership
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Personal assessments
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Gardening
  • Personal finance
  • Job specific technical training
Claire McCleery, Vice President of Learning & Development

“Learning and Development extends beyond the workplace. We enable and inspire our team members through learning experiences that prepare them to be their best in life, work and play.”
– Claire McCleery, Vice President of Learning and Development


People perform at their best when they feel good. Our full-time Wellness Director provides guidance and tools to help our families maintain optimal health. Fresh produce from our community garden, the freedom to build exercise into the workday, and resources and information help us take control over our own health and well-being.

The benefits? Increased energy, reduced stress, and the ability to meet challenges head-on. That’s the relentless pursuit of excellence in action.

Benefits include:

  • On-site Wellness Centers at each office for staff and their families
  • Full slate of cardio, strength-training, and flexibility classes
  • Personalized, one-on-one health coaching with workout plans and body composition screenings
  • Newsletters chock full of health and fitness ideas
  • Programs for job site personnel
  • Special events and health challenges with prizes and rewards
  • Fresh produce from our community garden

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence starts with each of us as individuals. Bringing out the best in our people by taking a proactive stance on exercise, nutrition and wellness education, we are building a stronger team from the inside out.”
– Julie Sever, Wellness Director

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our corporate culture is a large part of our success. We take pride in our “work hard, play hard” philosophy and try to make each day fun. Our employees enjoy company events and activities with one another and their families, including:

  • Sporting Events
  • Employee Appreciation Days
  • Intramural Teams
  • Field Days
  • Paint Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Themed Lunches
  • “Fun at Four” Gatherings

As much as we love relaxing and having fun with one another, we also share a commitment to make a positive difference and impact on the communities we live in.

John R. Lawson, II

“Our culture comes from the foundation of trust and commitment begun by Bill Jordan and Bob Lawson. They were always fair, didn’t compromise their values, and shared success with the community. They embraced change and created plentiful opportunities for all.”
– John Lawson, Executive Chairman

Upcoming Career and Hiring Events:

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming hiring events!

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