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Justin Waddy


Justin Waddy
Assistant Project Estimator

My story: I was born in Williamsburg, but grew up in Richmond, Virginia. Growing up, I had taken a liking to all things science and technology. I loved computers, smart devices, and other gadgets from an early age. I graduated from Virginia Tech in May 2018 with Bachelor of Science degrees in both Building Construction and Real Estate. I’ve been interning with W.M. Jordan since the summer of my freshman year, working on the VCU Cabell Library, the Science Museum of Virginia expansion, and even interning in the Richmond Office Estimating Department (where I currently work full-time). Since starting full-time in May, I have been able to officially begin my adult life by saving up for a wedding and looking to buy a home.

Why I like working at W.M. Jordan Company: From the beginning, W.M. Jordan Company took a chance with me. They gave me an opportunity even when I knew virtually nothing about intricacies of construction. I enjoy how eager everyone has been to show me the ropes. I have never felt apprehensive about asking a silly question or admitting that I need help. Everyone wants to see me succeed and I feel like I am integral to the success of the WMJ Team. As a result of gaining all of my internship and work experience with W.M. Jordan, the company is all I’ve ever known, but I cannot imagine being anywhere else.

My hidden talent: Per my completely random request, my fiancé, Tynetta, bought me a ukulele for my birthday. I’ve committed a few hours a week to practicing and learning new songs to play. I’d like to think that I’m pretty good at a few of the songs, contrary to what she might say.

My favorite things: I enjoy sports, videogames, music, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. I just bought a new camera, so I’ve been having fun with that as well.