Eddie Hidalgo

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Eddie Hidalgo


Eddie Hidalgo
Project Superintendent

My story: I graduated from Virginia Military Institute with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1998. I started my construction career in Northern Virginia and have worked on construction projects overseas in Kenya, Tanzania, Algeria, and Italy. When it was time to return home, I was looking for a company that had a family feel with a good work/life balance and also built projects on a large scale like I was accustomed to in Northern Virginia.­­

Why I like working at W.M. Jordan Company: I have been very fortunate to have been on many large and complex projects with W.M. Jordan. On large projects, we have the full project team on site. I love team sports and our large projects are set up that way – one team working together to meet a mutual goal. The people I have worked with at W.M. Jordan is what I enjoy the most about working here. We spend more time on our projects than at home, so our project teams are like our second family. I enjoy overcoming the challenges of a project and look forward to hanging out my teammates and tackling problems together.

My hidden talent: I love to take pictures with my SLR (Digital Camera). I have had pictures published in magazines and textbooks – specifically when I was working on the 911 Memorial at the Pentagon. One of my pictures was a winner in an Engineering News Record photo contest. I enjoy drawing in my sketchbook and will typically sketch when I’m home relaxing or when my daughter Laila wants to draw.

Not really a hidden talent, but I’m bilingual in English and Spanish. In this industry it is a very powerful tool and eliminates the language barrier that most of my counterparts have.

My favorite things: Traveling is a real passion for my family and me. We have travelled all over Europe, Central America, and Africa. We have plans to travel Asia and South America in the future.

I have played soccer all my life. I played in college and continue to play at least once a week.

I also love to jog in the early mornings as it helps me get my thoughts together and formulate my plan of attack for the day. It is relaxing and my only quiet time during the day.