W.M. Jordan Company

Intern Spotlight: Logan Wetzler

August 2, 2017



Name: Logan Wetzler

School: Virginia Tech

Assignment: JMAF

Intern Year: Second Year

Describe your duties: Ensure that every subcontractor is working safely and complying with the shipyard’s procedures, coordinate with each subcontractor to create a productive environment, resolve any field conflicts between subcontractors, inspect that all work is completed properly, and organize all submittals and our third-party inspection reports.

How do your duties differ from previous years? I have gained much more responsibility with many different trades.

How has your internship impacted your studies? It has helped me understand the classroom objectives in my Building Construction classes by being able to compare it to real-life applications. Also, it has taught me how to relate non-construction classes to the construction field and how important they can be.

What advice would you give to a first-year intern? To be observant and ask plenty of questions from everyone, including subcontractors, and to always be working on a task or learning something new.

Describe your favorite way to spend your time outside of working this summer: Spending it by the water.

Do you have any hidden talents most people don’t know about you? No

Where would you most want to live after college? Somewhere on the east coast.