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Intern Spotlight: Ace Ermlich

August 11, 2017



Name: Ace Ermlich (Arthur Charles Ermlich III)

School: Virginia Tech

Assignment: Virginia Beach Office (Cavalier Hotel, Cavalier Beach Club, Camp Grom)

Intern Year: First Year

Describe your duties: I assist in proposal follow-up/closure, document management, Punch list creation and implementation, Submittal Log creation for the Beach Club, and a few other side tasks.

How does your internship fit into your long-term career goals? This internship fits into my long-term career goals of creating a future in the construction industry. I had worked a typical mechanical engineering internship for a couple years, but found that the work did not peak my interest. Deciding to follow a path towards this industry was an amazing change and has been everything I had hoped it would be. I’m receiving a plethora of knowledge for field based work as well as a role as a project engineer/manager.

Describe your favorite way to spend your time outside of working this summer: Summertime is by far the best time of the year. My favorite way to spend it is either down at the beach with friends or at my place on Knotts Island. I spend time there Sailing, Windsurfing, Fishing, and most importantly working on my duck hunting blinds.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? I know it’s not on Netflix, but I have to say Game of Thrones on HBO because winter is finally here.

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, for what would you have a good chance at earning a medal? I would have a good chance of earning a medal at speed picking and eating crabs. I practice twice weekly already and would love to make it my daily workout.

What job would you be terrible at? I believe I would be a terrible as a professional ice skater.

What’s your favorite late night snack? I prefer to stick to the basics of a medium rare steak, lightly seared.