W.M. Jordan Company

Intern Spotlight: Scott Ferguson

June 15, 2017


Name: Scott Ferguson

School: Hampden-Sydney College

Assignment: Riverside Regional Medical Center

Intern Year: First Year

Describe your duties: I don’t start until June 5, so I’m not quite sure what my duties are, but it sounds like I’ll start off with clean up crews and work my way up from there

How does your internship fit into your long-term career goals: I plan on studying engineering through a dual degree program between Hampden-Sydney and UVA, and this internship gives me valuable experience that few other students have before they graduate

Describe your favorite way to spend your time outside of working this summer: Fishing and going to the Outer Banks

What are you currently watching on Netflix? Trailer Park Boys

If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, for what would you have a good chance at earning a medal? Corn Hole

What job would you be terrible at? Babysitting

What’s your favorite late night snack? Leftover pizza