W.M. Jordan Company

Intern Spotlight: Tyler Daspit

July 25, 2016


Tyler Daspit

Name: Tyler Daspit

School: Hampden-Sydney ‘16

Assignment: Estimating in the Richmond Office

Intern Year: Third year

Describe your duties: Assisting with the bidding process, take offs, price comparisons, price coordination with subcontractors.

How does your internship fit into your long-term career goals?: I am attending UVA for a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in the fall. This internship has provided me with a technical application of my skills that couldn’t be achieved in the classroom. I have also learned management skills, accountability, and time management.

If you are a returning intern, what advice would you give to a 1st year?: Stay busy! The first year is a good chance to learn everything you can, so ask for more work and responsibility.

Describe your favorite way to spend your time outside of working this summer: Going to the beach, mountain biking, or anything outside, especially now that I am in the office!

Tell us something interesting about yourself: I’m the oldest of four brothers and I have a white lab named Emma!