W.M. Jordan Company

Project Observation Deck in Bishop-Favrao Hall now open!

July 27, 2015


Rendering of the Project Observation Deck in Bishop-Favrao Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg.

John Lawson, President and CEO of W. M. Jordan Company and Dr. Brian Kleiner, Director of the Meyers-Lawson School of Construction announced on Wednesday, July 15th, the opening Project Observation Deck in Bishop-Favrao Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. It is designed to stimulate the inquisitive nature of construction students, a prerequisite to research and innovation, and thus, is informally coined, the “why?” POD or “yPOD” for short.

YPOD will prompt student questions about virtual construction, research and innovation of the construction industry and of the construction classroom.  It will be an augmented reality, real-time research and innovation space for students to experience and interact with the 4D Building Information Model (BIM), and associated models of the new Academic Classroom Building, while viewing the actual building under construction over time.  Ready for the first day of classes, students will be able to also record their vision for the future of virtual and augmented reality in construction, and identify research topics.

Meyers-Lawson School of Construction BIM Researcher, Tanyel Bulbul, and Dwayne Sellars, Virtual Construction Manager at W.M. Jordan Company, are leading the effort.  A Ph.D. Construction Student will be updating the models to correspond to real time status of the project. The goal of this venture is to showcase the future of virtual construction, as well as future innovation in construction education and research. W. M. Jordan Company is currently constructing the new Academic Classroom Building, a 73,000 sf facility that will house interactive classrooms, auditoriums, teaching labs and lecture rooms.