W.M. Jordan Company

What is Virtual Construction?

September 10, 2014


As technology advances, buildings, too are becoming more and more complex, pushing deadlines and budgets to their limits. There’s little – if any – room for error. And you only get one chance to build it right in the field.

But in a computer model, you get a hundred chances.

At W.M. Jordan and around the world, Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) have transformed the way building projects are designed, built, analyzed, and scheduled. Using highly advanced software and modeling techniques, we are able essentially to build the project digitally exactly as we would in the field. It helps us set expectations and circumvent potential obstacles before ground is ever broken, and allows us to identify and increase prefabrication of complex systems.

At WM Jordan, VDC and BIM have greatly increased our productivity, coordination, and scheduling efficiency – making deadlines easier to meet and budgets easier to fulfill. And most importantly – this technology allows us to work even more closely with our partners and clients at every stage of development.

To learn more about W.M. Jordan’s digital tools and technology, visit our Services page on Virtual Construction by clicking here.