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W.M. Jordan’s Internship Program Is One Of The Best

June 18, 2014


W.M. Jordan’s internship program has provided valuable, on-the-job training to 123 college students since its inception. And it’s done a whole lot more than that. In fact, 15 of our current Project Management, Engineering, Marketing and IT staff members got their start here in the internship program.

Our internship program began in 1996 as an informal program with a handful of students assigned to various jobsites for summer education. In 2001, we began to formalize the program. We reached out to students at universities, sponsored job fairs, and added a formal orientation that includes safety, technology and corporate training for each student. Since then, we’ve met over a hundred talented college students from respected universities across the Southeast, including Christopher Newport University, East Carolina University, the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion University, Virginia Military Institute, and many more.

This year, we have 11 first year interns, 7 second years, 2 third years, and 2 fourth year interns in our program. We’ve helped them build real-world skills and in turn, they’ve strengthened our team.

For more information on W.M. Jordan’s internship program, or to apply for next year’s program, go to: http://wmjordan.com/careers/internships.html

2014 Interns

2014 Interns