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Employee Spotlight: Franklin Bowser

April 15, 2014

Franklin Bowser, Newport News Estimator WMJ

Franklin Bowser, Newport News Estimator


At W. M. Jordan, we believe that our employees are our biggest resource, contributing to the success and advancement of our company. In honor of their accomplishments and talents we will be putting our employees in the spotlight in our new employee spotlight blog series. First up, we have twelve year employee, Franklin Bowser.

Franklin, who has worked for W.M. Jordan as an estimator since May, 2001 works as a member of our team in the Newport News office. In his twelve years at W.M. Jordan, Franklin has completed many projects, most recently with his work at Christopher Newport University in the erection of the new Warwick Residence Hall and Pope Chapel.

Throughout Franklin’s entire body of work, his favorite project was the renovation of the Old State Library in Richmond, Va. According to Franklin, he will always remember this project because of the high profile nature of the renovations and the building’s connection to history. The Old State Library serves as the permanent office for the Governor of Virginia. However, its connection to Virginia politics does not end there. The Old State Library has also served as a temporary home to the Virginia House of Delegates and Senate during the renovation of the Capital Building and at one point hosted the Supreme Court of Virginia. While Franklin fondly recalls his work with this project, he also did not forget the challenges that accompanied this renovation. When asked what his most challenging project was, Franklin responded that nothing could be much more challenging than the Old State Library renovation.


Read our full interview with Franklin below:


Name: Franklin Bowser

Position: Estimator (Newport News)


Q. How long have you been with WMJ?

A. Since May 2001


Q. Most memorable moment while working at WMJ?

A. The most memorable moment from working at W.M. Jordan would be the W.M. Jordan Christmas party from two years ago. It was the first time we had the band Party on the Moon play and that was pretty memorable.


Q. Favorite WMJ Project?

A. The Old State Library Renovation in Richmond.


Q. …and why?

A. The Old State Library Renovation was a pretty high profile project. It became the permanent Governor’s office, and it temporarily held the house and senate during the renovation of the capital building. It was a building that has lots of history. At one time it served as the supreme court of Virginia and was one of those projects you can always come back to and show your kids how you were a part of renovating that building.


Q. What was your most challenging project?

A. Same project. It doesn’t get much more challenging than that.


Q. If you weren’t in Construction, you would be…

A. Playing lots of golf and spending time on an island somewhere.