W.M. Jordan Company

Project Update: AWG Training Complex at Fort AP Hill, Virginia Making Progress

January 23, 2013


W. M. Jordan Company is providing construction services for the Asymmetric Warfare Group Training Complex at Fort AP Hill, Virginia. The $63 million complex is designed to prepare military troops in anti-terrorism exercises. Spread over 92 acres, this 25-building training facility features a mock town with various building facades, a Training and Support Center, and an indoor firing range. These training areas are connected by roads of differing qualities with various obstacles such as sand, bridges, tunnels and rough terrain in order to simulate real-world environments. This is not the first time W.M. Jordan Company has had the pleasure of working with the US Army Corp of Engineers and we are excited to be awarded the opportunity once again. This project is set for completion in Fall 2013, but check out the progression thus far by watching the video below.