W.M. Jordan Company

In the Field with the Interns

September 11, 2012


Through the W.M. Jordan Company’s Construction Internship Program, our interns return to school with the real-life experiences that prepare them for a career in construction. Recently, our summer interns had the chance to get out in the field and tour some of our local job sites. These field trips allowed us showcase to our commitment to safety first-hand and provide a grander sense of the time management that goes into planning each project. Here’s what some of our interns had to say about their tours:

“The jobsite tours were a great way to learn more about various project types. I never knew that W. M. Jordan had such a diverse array of projects under its belt. The job site tours really showed how much W. M. Jordan Company gets involved with the Owner and tries to delivery exactly what they want.”
Alexzander Williams, 1st year intern CNU Dormitory Project

“I attended the Towne Bank tour and the Summerhouse and Williams Farm Recreation Center project tours. They were extremely interesting. I was able to see different projects at different stages of construction along with some of the conflicts and success that come along with each stage. I asked some questions so that when I returned to the job site I was working on I could be a little more helpful and have a little more knowledge about what was going on. All in all they helped me learn a lot.”
Andrew Rotermund, 1st year Intern, William & Mary Greek Housing Project